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Prime Life Organization
Information about Prime Life Organization :
Location/Address : 051-2604321 Prime Life Organization NGO in Islamabad
Phone number : 051-2604321
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Brief Description : There are over a million disabled people living a miserable life in Pakistan. These people often face severe stigma and discrimination in our country. Prime Life Organization was established to integrate the disabled back into the mainstream society with dignity. We envision making a difference in the lives of the disabled people of Pakistan by providing them resources which would help them to be active members of the society through our selfless services. Number of disabled people already benefitted from the support offered by us. Who we are? We are a group of professionally educated volunteers working under the roof of Prime Life Organization for the Disabled, Prime life is a self finance organization. Working solely for the disabled. “PRIME LIFE” Organization for the Disabled is a nonprofit and non- governmental organization. it has no links with any abstract party. It truly works to uplift humanity by providing different resources to the needy special people of the Pakistan. What we do?? The disabled is the most neglected part of our community especially when it comes to jobs and education. The poor ones are eventually left on the streets to beg . We simply arrange different programs which are aimed to uplift the lives of the disabled people living in our country especially children and the teenagers. We make them work according to their talents and capability hence giving them a sense of feeling that they are not a useless part of this society. The money generated in these projects is ultimately returned to them in the form of wages and any surplus amounts are used in the treatment of severely handicapped poor disabled. Prime life computer literacy project We are currently running a seven seater computer literacy project especially designed to educate the disables "free of cost" hence enabling them to get jobs or find online work from home .The project is enormously popular among all age groups and people as far as Azad Jammu Kashmir came to our lab in Blue area Islamabad for a 12 week computer literacy training project. In this project 43 disabled were trained to use computer software ranging from simply using Microsoft software to designing and website development. At the end of the project a comprehensive training had also been given to find computer related data entry work online together with CV making and interview techniques. "Let nothing be wasted" your waste paper could change lives of many disabled of our society. Prime life paper recycling project The paper recycling project has been designed for those disabled who were unable to receive computer literacy training due to their insufficiency of very basic education. The aim of this project firstly is to mobilize the disabled people who are extremely enthusiastic to work and secondly using the funds generated through waste recycling to help in their physiotherapy treatment in return. Our services: Providing formal and non formal education: We provide basic educational skills of reading, writing and numeracy for the ones who have never attended any educational instititution. Computer literacy program has been designed for those disabled who have already attained basic education. The aim of computer skill training is to enable the disabled to find computer related work enhancing their future prospects. Creating Awareness for Disabled rights: We arrange regular programs for the awareness of disabled rights. This is done through a regular program of group meetings with parents and community members with the help of human rights liaison officers. Job search: Not only we train our disabled students for a high level of computer education but at the completion of their courses we strive hard to find work for them also give them first line support whenever they find difficulty at work.
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Name : Sahib Zada  (2/9/2014)
Comments : Greetings from SADA Hope you are satisfied physically and emotionally. As FATA is passing through the untoward situations and worst events of the time. The terrorism and armed conflict in the area fully destroyed the infrastructure. Most of the people are living in IDPs camps in a very miserable condition. The children are out of schools and women and old age people are extremely vulnerable. The respectable families cant persist their social lives in the given status of their kind historical backgounds As we know ,the local peoples may now the actual pathways and the ground knowledge. They have factual and exact know how with the peoples thoughts and the ways of dealing. The out side peoples will saughted the help of locals and the funds will distribute in different parts of the partnership and at the end very minute amounts will serve the peoples and large amounts will be waste in non issues, that's why the local organization will gain the top priority if some one actually wanna implement the projects to touch the actual and need base beneficiaries, otherwise running cost of the external organization will utilize the desire funds for their personnel development and no one can monitor them. As the number of International and National organization working for the assistance of the people. The IDPs are the direct beneficiaries of these organization. For the most effective work the participation of FATA base organization is essential. As we have a consortium of FATA NGOs,and can help your organization in the identification of issues, need based assessment,monitoring role and also to promote the smooth work. We can provide you the services in the given grounds from our different organizations of the relevant areas concern, that will minimizes your operation costs up to optimum level. Looking forward for good coordination Sahib Zada Executive Director Social Awareness & Development Alliance (SADA) Office Ph: +92-91-5862656 Cell Phone: +92-346-9851656
Name : MUAZ YOUSUF  (7/19/2016)
Comments : Sir! I am disabled person. I student of 11st. I want to scholarship
Name : MUAZ YOUSUF  (7/19/2016)
Comments : Sir! I am disabled person. I student of 11st. I want to scholarship
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